Get product information from aggregated data.

In order to show users the objective value of the product, which is available in stores today, we collect data on product price changes for products placed in the catalog.
It is of little use to know where to buy the cheapest product if it is not clear about its objective price.
What is an objective price? In our opinion, the objective price is the price at which the buyer is ready to buy the product. The catalog is under development, and its purpose is to provide consumers (potential buyers of goods) with information about product prices and places of purchase. It is not possible to buy goods in the catalog.
There are no paid services in the catalog.
All the information obtained by is of an informative nature, which is intended to help users make choices and evaluate the prices of goods in general for a certain period of time.

How does it work.

By opening the desired product in the catalog, the user can find out its average price and compare it with the current price, as well as indicate the price difference, if any. The average price calculation is made from the moment the product is placed in the catalog.

Use the catalog and make advantageous and well-thought-out purchases!
Sincerely, administrator.